rbCarbon adhesive tabs

rbCarbon adhesive tabs as element of the adhesive horseshoe technology

The rbCarbon adhesive system allows to position all plastic shoes according to the specific requirements of both hoof and horse.
rbCarbon adhesive tabs are compatible with many common plastic horseshoes in the market.

Production of the rbCarbon tabs

We manufacture the specially shaped base body of our adhesive tabs by injection molding. It is finished at our production facility in the greater Munich area. All manufacturing takes place exclusively in Germany. With 100% Made in Germany we want to make sure our high aspirations in terms of quality and sustainability are always met.

Production stage and final product: rbCarbon adhesive tabs in different sizes and colors.

Product details

The base layer of the adhesive tabs is made of a very tear-resistant elastomer which can be easily, quickly and durably glued to the hoof wall.

The destinctive left and right design of the adhesive collars allows flexible positioning of the horseshoes. Because the hoof toe is not required for fixation. It is even possible to set back the shoes to ensure free rolling of the hoof. Accordingly, the hoof is not artificially extended forward as with other adhesive systems. This eliminates the possibility of an increased wear of shoes and tabs in the toe area.

rbCarbon adhesive tabs on the foot

The individual flaps have been designed to fit the hoof wall in the best possible way and still provide a large adhesive surface.

Our adhesive tabs are on stock and ready to ship in the following sizes:  

G1: approx. 50 – 70mm / 1.97 – 2.76in hoof width
G2: approx. 71 – 90mm / 2.77 – 3.54in hoof width
G3: approx. 91 – 115mm / 3.55 – 4.53in hoof width
G4: approx. 116 – 135mm / 4.54 – 5.31in hoof width
G5: approx. 136 – 160mm / 5.32 – 6.30in hoof width
G5plus: approx. 160+mm / 6.30+in hoof width (product Taipa)

For more information on our current adhesive tabs collection click here.

Processing of the tabs on the hoof

rbCarbon adhesive tabs can not only be glued and used with our rbCarbon future shoes and rbCarbon laminitis shoes. They can also be used with most other TPU plastic shoes available on the market.

The rbCarbon adhesive tabs are welded to the side of the horseshoe with hot air and quickly and neatly fixed to the hoof with one-component glue.

Welding of rbCarbon adhesive tabs/ workshop demonstration by Christian

They ensure a firm, secure fit of the horseshoes over the entire application period on any surface, even under very high levels of usage and stress. At the same time, the application process is still quick and easy, even under less than ideal environmental conditions such as heat, cold or moisture.

The extremely strong adhesive force of the tabs on the foot also makes it possible to glue hooves which could normally wear adhesive shoes only to a very limited extent. This is often the case for feet with special shape or special footing (pushing or turning footing) of the limb or a special riding load.

Nevertheless, the rbCarbon adhesive tabs are designed in such a way that they will tear-off (when otherweise used as intended) if the animal kicks itself in the shoe or gets its hoof caught on a solid obstacle. After all, a torn shoe is always better than strained or even torn tendons and ligaments!

It is also possible, of course, to combine the adhesive shoeing with additional orthopedic measures such as inserted padding, as we did in our case study of customer horse “Winnie” (picture sequence below), whose coffin bone had rotated and the sole was so thin that it had become bloody.

“Winnie”’s shoe with orthopedic measures and rbCarbon tabs