Our goal: the healthy hoof

With our adhesive tabs and horseshoes your best friend can move pain-free and with pleasure whether it is healthy or with a hoof disease. Our adhesive system is gentle on muscles and joints in the short and long term.

Artificial Habitat

Today, horses are very close to us as a “recreational friend” in an artificially created habitat. Our goal is to combine the benefits of wearing horseshoes with the benefits of a barefoot hoof. Not every horse needs shoes, but if they do we want the horse to have the same abilities as it would have with healthy barefoot hoofs with the additional protection horseshoes offer.
“Joy in Motion”. Our motto guides our ideas and products.

Customized products

Our plastic shoes (in final development stage for general use) contain a very resilient core. This results in stability and flexibility at the same time: the shoe legs actively and passively follow the movement of the hoof capsule. The advantages for the hoof capsule remain comparable to barefoot running. At the same time, the carbon core provides sufficient protection against pressure. Our proven rbCarbon adhesive tabs ensure reliable, firm attachment of the plastic horseshoe.