Workshops for & with you inspire us

At the moment, we offer gluing workshops with Christian in German – international workshops are planed in the future.
Coming back in 2022: gluing workshops "dahoam" at our hoof competence center in Erdweg (Munich area)

Our products focus on reliable high-performance in hoof care and protection

Our vision

The living conditions of our horses have changed due to us humans. Since we are responsible for our horses’ new way of life, we should also act responsibly and make their lives as comfortable as possible. Our aspiration is to provide the most comfortable and reliable hoof protection solutions to them.

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Product development

The ideas and concepts  for our alternative shoeing solutions have gradually matured over the past 10 years. And emerged from the belief in responsibility for our horses as well as from growing experience in new technical options.

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Our product recommendations

"Divina" adhesive tab

Very easy to use. For sensitive hoof walls.

"Camouflage" adhesive tab

Slightly softer than «Bruce». Very firm hold.

"Plutin" premium tab

Gentle detachment. For sensitive hoof walls and very active horses

“You are galopping, the earth is shaking, the sky is opening and the way ahead is yours”