rbCarbon milestones & success stories

We are a small, young company from Bavaria with great ambitions.
When did our journey start, what have we experienced or reached so far?
You can learn about all that below.



Start of the first tests with velcro tabs on our own horses. Handcrafted with the plastic horseshoes of a US brand.



Development phase
among other things with tests on hoof carcasses and satisfying results: the adhesive used is harmless for the hoof.



Company foundation & finally online with www.rbcarbon.de.
Happy about the first partnership with “The Happy Horse”, followed by many others in the meantime.  



rbCarbon is growing. Move to Kleinberghofen (greater Munich area) with bigger production space and new team members. 



Opening of our hoof competence center in Kleinberghofen, where we pass on our know-how in adhesive hoof care & protection solutions to our ever growing community. 

As in any other long journey, we are having our ups and downs. But this will never stop us from sticking to our vision and staying on track. We are inspired by the daily exchange with our alternative shoeing technology community and motivated by all the people who give their feedback to us along the way. Thank you all! Without you, our journey wouldn’t be as exciting as it actually is.