Use cases

Christian Roncassaglia, Co-Founder and hoof specialist, spends a lot of time out in the stables working with many horses. He likes to provide all of us with real world examples on the subject of hoof care and protection.


Areti’s “Daragon” had a long history of suffering. He walks best with horseshoes that slide in the front, such as aluminum. That’s why he has aluminum shoes on the front and plastic shoes on the hind. He needs them for support and cushioning. “Daragon” – not a singular case – does best with this combination. The decision about the appropriate hoof protection should always be made individually for each horse.


Steffi’s Winnie had a rotated coffin bone and a very thin sole that had already been bleeding. Winnie needs a pad that supports the coffin bone and prevents pressure on the sole in the front area. The rim is built up to get the sole away from the shoe. This way, the horse can walk pain-free with greatest possible support. At the same time, the sole is able to regenerate.