Our partners

We cooperate with selected regional, national and international partners. We believe in partnerships as they enable us to drive change faster and more powerfully – for the overall benefit of our horses.

Dynamix IHT

Our partner Andreas Gotsbacher has developed a sports shoe for horses which is available in different sizes. The all-plastic hoof protection is equally suitable for leisure, sports, show jumping or carriage horses.  

Dynamix in our online-shop

The Happy Horse

We have been supplying Ute Nebel with our adhesive tabs since November 2019. This way, her customers can combine the rbCarbon adhesive system with her “Happy Horse – alternative horse shoes” without having to pay extra shipping fees. Since 2021, our customers can also benefit from this combination by ordering “Happy Horse” shoes directly in our online shop.

The Happy Horse in our online-shop


Since the beginning of October 2019, our adhesive tabs can be ordered in the Hippoplast Shop of Denise Kiessling. Denise is happy to answer questions about the processing of our rbCarbon adhesive tabs with Hippoplast horseshoes. Her products are also available in our online shop .

Hippoplast in our online-shop


Peter Loots from the Netherlands is a proven expert in his field of gluing. We are more than convinced to offer his products such as cushions and hoof wall building products and accessories in our online-shop.

Glue-U in our online-shop

Goettli’s hoof paste

Recommended by experts in case of thrush: Goettli’s Hoof Paste by Alisa Palmer is all natural, it can be used preventively and it supports hoof care in a perfect way.

Göttli’s Hufpaste in our online-shop.

“In the coming years we will see substantial new developments in the field of alternative hoof care and protection. Strong partnerships will strengthen us jointly on our way to a more sustainable, animal-friendly way to care for hooves. Great pioneers are just starting to  come up with game-changing ideas – they will make a big difference out there in the stables.”

Bianca Roncassaglia,
Co-Founder rbCarbon