Our vision & our daily work

We follow a clear goal which helps us to stay focused in our daily work – striving to continuously improve our products for the benefit of the horse.

Our vision

Our vision is to create innovative alternative hoof care and protection enabling our equine friends & partners all over the world to move close to the barehoof feeling. We strive for a healthy hoof and the welfare of animals.

Our daily work is based on our vision

  • We consistently improve our products for the benefit of the horse.
  • The rbCarbon adhesive system for alternative shoeing is subject to continuous innovation and perfection.
  • Our aim is to provide high-quality products meeting highest social and ecological standards.
  • We are working on the best sustainability possible for plastic products.
  • We are hoof experts learning at our daily work in practice and obtaining numerous expert feedback.
  • We are team players. As rbCarbon’ers, we are highly motivated and identify with our company.  Each of us is given a chance to contribute and turn our vision into reality.
  • Our products go through regular and rigorous quality testing. Because we want our customers and users to receive only high-quality, continuously improved products.
  • Our products are “Made in Germany”.